iglesia ni cristo NO MORE !! Page 32 Realm of Thought – Fxclearing.com SCAMMERS!

https://www.fxclearing.com/ (FXCL) Markets Ltd. – Forex SCAMM Company! Be carefull!
Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. You should make sure you understand the risks involved, seeking for independent advice if necessary.

Registered by the Financial Services Authority (‘FSA’) number 1637 CTD 2018. FXCL Markets Ltd. registered office: Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Center, P.O. Box 1510, Beachmont, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Base information about Fxclearing.com Forex SCAM company:

Real adress in Philipines and company name is:

Company Name: Outstrive
Address: 3rd Floor 399 Enzo building, Makati, Philippines
Phone: +1 (347) 891-7520

Top managment of stealer who scam money of clients:

Juan Belleza Jr
Team Leader
2056 D Kahilum 1 Barangay 870 Zone 95 Pandacan Manila, Philippines
639776459387 / 639155292409

Lea Jean Belleza
2056 D Kahilum 1 Barangay 870 Zone 95 Pandacan Manila, Philippines

James Tulabot
Team Leader

Allen Roel Costales
Sale Manager
522 Tanglaw St. Mandaluyong City Barnagay Plainview

Kristoff Salazar
Sale Team Leader
Unit 1414 Kumagawa Bldg River City Brgy 880 Sta. Ana Manila, Philippines

Xanty Octavo
Sale Manager
8137 Yabut Street Guadalupe Nuevo Makati City , Philippines

Virgilito Dada
Account Manager

Elton Danao
Sale Manager
639175048891 / 639991854086

All of this persons need be condemned and moved in Jail.

!!!!!STOP STEAL Philippines MONEY!!!!!!

The fulfillment of the prophecies of God will happen in our time, because the man who was sent forth to reveal and explain these things has finally come. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations. Sound of the trumpet; I have heard the battle cry. “The time is ripe for my people Israel; I will spare them no longer. The “day of the Lord” is a time of danger and trouble, not of peace and joy.

  • He lived, loved and taught among humanity about 2000 years ago.
  • “No one calls on your name” – Clearly, that up to this time, we don’t know the true God and we worship other gods that we have not known.
  • Maestro Evangelista is the one sent forth to reveal the Name of God to the people of the world, as it is written “that this house I have built bears your Name” – The House of Israel.
  • Go now to your countrymen in exile and speak to them.

If you stay in a property that does not belong to you, then vacate. I don’t believe the people in there have nowhere else to stay. I stopped giving offerings over time myself, I suspected they were using them for the wrong things. This is the very reason why I don’t participate in their BS offerings. Yes the fat controller wants it all, No more shopping sprees and expensive hotels for you Jenny. Of course you couldn’t have cared less about all the people you scam church has been robbing for 100 + years. I really hope this helps finally leave a real mark on them and bring them down.

iglesia ni cristo NO MORE !!

“I fell at his feet as though dead” – when Prophet John saw Jesus, he thought he died already, because the appearance of Jesus is Death. “acknowledge that I have loved you” – if they will not look for and consult with Maestro Eraño M. Evangelista, he will not be able to show them how to return to God. Maestro Evangelista bears the Name of God, and he will be the one to show how they will be able to return to God and have peace and rest for their people that they have been hoping for. “but are liars” – God is no longer with the Jews! That is why, forex scam this time, they will experience defeat or suffer much form future wars, until they too will acknowledge God’s Name and return to Him. “I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut” – the religions and scholars cannot refute Maestro Eraño M. Evangelista’s the true teachings revealed through the Holy Bible. Maestro Evangelista holds the “key of David.” He is the one that will open the mysteries that we have not known. Through the revelations of Maestro Evangelista, we will finally understand the true meanings of the Word of God.
iglesia ni cristo NO MORE !! Page 32 Realm of Thought - Fxclearing.com  SCAMMERS!
And, most worthy is that they were just lowly christians without any grandeurs of these man-made structural edifices. Best to adhere with these foundations and early beginnings of these first christians. Each and every member is called church of Christ or iglesia ni Cristo, not Filipino nor any nationality.

iglesia ni cristo NO MORE !!

Maestro Eraño M. Evangelista was only sent to deliver God’s Message to all people; he is not starting a new religion, nor asking for any kind of donation. Please find time to read the messages completely. God will no longer talk to His coming prophet because the Word of God has been written in the prophecies of the early prophets in the Holy Bible. However, the prophesies were not explained before so the people never understood them. How important is the “key?” Maestro Evangelista says, this is the same as building a house. When it is finished, that is the only time that the key is to be given to the owner.
iglesia ni cristo NO MORE !! Page 32 Realm of Thought - Fxclearing.com  SCAMMERS!
Go now to your countrymen in exile and speak to them. Say to them, ‘This is what the Sovereign LORD says,’ whether they listen or fail to listen.” If we are not going to heed this calling, the earth will be totally cursed by God. Then the LORD will have men, who will bring offerings in righteousness. The covenant given to the people of Israel before was not binding nor effective, because the Name of God was not revealed by Moses. Thus, it was missing the most important element of the Covenant or contract.

I’ve suffered looooong enough from their garbage, both having grown up in it and having dealt with investigating some of their doings when I was still an officer. To the OWEs reading this, continue treating yourselves in high regard, just pray that your children will never do such things to you, and realize what’s happening there in #36 is just plain wrong. There shall be days when sorrows will come. Find the root of those sorrows and if you find its a cult, do something about it. I just found this on a facebook account, it shows the video of Tandang Sora 36 being destroyed by the EVM fools with people still inside the compound. Existing religions, sects or denominations indeed preached their so-called apostolic way but there were uncertainties unconsciously declared by their leader and founders upon their followers. Didn’t find any opposing wisdom between these apostles when upon the true and absolute recognition of GOD.

We have some information about owner of Fxclearing.com (FXCL) SCAM company and its may be resident of USA: Alex Teplitsky

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